Art for Resistance

For every Ukrainian February 24, 2022, became a date when their lives have changed forever. February 24 will now and always be a date burnt into the soles of every Ukrainian. It is a point of no return and, at the same time, a turning point from which we all are now trying to find a way back to a life we once knew.

We are a US-based ethnic Ukrainian working with non-profit organizations and want to help our country using the power of art. Our main mission is to popularize Ukrainian art around the world, promote Ukrainian culture, and raise funds to support Ukrainian refugees and the Ukrainian army.

Artem Volokitin
Yevhenii Shapovalov
Viktoria Kalaichi
Taras Haida
Anna Bondar
 War Time Graphics
Nina Murashkina
Alisa Nikitinova

Atlanta, May 18-June 17

Buckhead Art & Company

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Polina Kuznetsova
Tetiana Malinovska
Kostiantyn Lyzohub
Liudmila Davydenko
Anna Moskalets

Art is the lie that helps us see the truth

— Pablo Picasso
Andriy Stegura
Inna Pedan

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Iryna Kalyuzhna
Tata Kolesnik
Olena Konohorova
Olena Konohorova
Kaneryna Ivonina

What we do

We launch charity exhibitions, events and auctions in support of Ukraine, where we sell modern art created by Ukrainian artists.

We organize charity events and concerts of contemporary Ukrainian music.

We do this together with the Ukrainian artists who became refugees following the unjust and terrible war that is being
perpetrated by Russia on Ukrainian soil.


Aza Nizi Maza Studio
Ukrainian anti-war posters
Taro cards by Mikhailo Skop
Biruchiy Project
Fragile Brutalism