Dreamscape is a project by architect Elena Orap, designer Dasha Podoltseva and composer and sound artist Alexey Shmurak. The name means ‘dream world’, but also refers to the word ‘escape’ (dream/landscape/escape). 
The creators of the project are Ukrainian artists. Since February 24, 2022, millions of Ukrainians have learned from their own experience what escape, temporary housing, and a lack of basic needs really mean. For many Ukrainians, a sleeping bag has become a symbol of staying in a bomb

photos @Mala Gallery, Kyiv

shelter, and spending the night while moving between cities and countries, as well as being associated as necessary equipment for a soldier. Sleep is a fundamental human need. In the rapid-eye movement phase of sleep, dreams arise – a kind of melting pot of the unconscious. Sleep and dream are both an escape from the real world and material for intellectual/emotional reflection. This phase of REM sleep, when the unconscious “grinds” memories, resembles a daily meeting point, like a report of the unconscious to itself, a moment for short reflection 

 Dreamscape project is a metaphorical image of the sleeping bag and/or blanket, a kind of safe place. Architecturally and visually, the project is a frame covered with foil balloons to create a soft irregular surface. The design resembles a sleeping bag or blanket, the negative space of which is a sleeping person. 

When the visitors enter, they should be aware of being in a small irregularly shaped tunnel, which external light has difficulty penetrating. For a greater feeling of tightness, small curtains made of emergency blanket (aluminium coated PE-foil) are found on both sides of the tunnel. The unusual appearance and unique experience of being ‘under the blanket’ may motivate visitors to take selfies, both outside and inside the object. Inside the structure is a small speaker which plays a sound landscape of a surreal, sleepy nature.