About us

We are a US-based ethnic Ukrainians who want to give Ukrainian art a voice because we know that art is louder than bombs. We work with non-profits we launch charity exhibitions and art auctions in support of Ukraine, where we showcase and sell contemporary art created by some of the most prominent Ukrainian artists.

We’ve always believed in the power of cultural diplomacy. We’ve launched art exhibitions and design festivals, environmental projects, and social

events, the goal of which was to make the world a better place. We’ve seen how much can be achieved using this soft power.

We thought we have, indeed, reached The End of History, where warfare was dead and all our conflicts could be resolved through diplomacy. The war in Ukraine changed all that. It has shown us that, in fact, Diplomacy is dead and that Death is very much alive! And yet, we still believe that our mission is not impossible! We must and will continue our struggle for a better tomorrow, but at the time of war, we need to learn to make the soft power of beauty into a weapon.

We know how powerful this weapon can be. Beauty gives us hope, it can inspire us and it can remind us of what we are fighting for. 

To wield it is to invest in our future because art is the path to a better tomorrow, while tanks are nothing but relics of the past!

Out Team

Maria Manuylenko-Riabchun, Managing Director, Art curator

Maria Manuylenko-Riabchun

Co-founder, Managing Director, Art curator
+38 067.571.4051

Mariia Manuilenko is an art historian, exhibition curator, art manager of the Association of Graphic Designers The 4th Block, and promoter of Ukrainian art and culture who introduces contemporary Ukrainian artists to the international community. Her latest projects are the multi-media platform Art-Territory Ukraine, the XI triennial immersive exhibition The 4th Block (Kharkiv, Ukraine), the Art of Ukraine exhibition gala (Denver, Colorado), and the opening of the museum of eco-posters The 4th Block (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

Olga Severina,
Art Territory Ukraine, Curator, Design Director


Co-founder, Curator, Design Director
+1 323. 474.7880

Olga Severina is a designer, lecturer, and founder and curator of the PosterTerritory initiative. She believes that creativity has the power to change the world. Her latest projects are Stand With Ukraine, The World After and Biophilia Competition, which address various social issues of today.

She writes books, magazine articles and blogs that explore the latest trends in visual expression.

Art Territory Ukraine
Olga Gorman
Sales Director


Sales Director
+1 770. 241.4733

Olga Gorman moved to Atlanta about two years ago. Back in Ukraine, she worked as a sales director with cutting-edge tech companies at UNIT.City innovation park, where they built a community of creative and innovative people. Since the war began, Olga has become a social activist organizing events that focus on and highlight Ukrainian liberty and culture in the USA. She is a co-creator of Ukrainian Rallies with KLYCH and the Mother’s March.


Sales Director


Project Curator


Project Curator

What we do

We launch charity exhibitions and auctions in support of Ukraine, where we sell modern art created by Ukrainian artists.

We work with an international online platform where we sell Ukrainian artwork and use the proceeds to help our country.

We organize charity events and concerts of contemporary Ukrainian music.

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Our Goal


Share Ukranian culture with the world and support modern artists.

Present projects by younger-generation Ukrainian artists,
and experiment with a combination of visual art and music, architecture, objects and digital art and design.

Focus on the educational work and retrospective projects of contemporary artists, and new studies, as a parallel program: show, panel discussion, presentations, and talks.

Promote new names among young Ukrainian artists, their development, and integration into the international art community.