Olena Konohorova

Olena Konohorova — was born in Kremenchuk in 1988, and graduated from the O. D. Lytovchenko Kremenchuk Art School; from the H. S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University with a degree in the Decorative and Applied Arts. After a long maternity leave, she began to position herself as a papercut artist. The first sales were made before the full-scale Russian invasion.

During the evacuation, she started making art and selling it to be able to contribute to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Olena’s work consists of the reinterpretation of the Eastern European tradition of working with paper (called vytynanka). Olena adapts it to modern vision using compositional and stylistic approaches which were not specific to traditional Ukrainian vytynanka.

Collaborated with Ukrainian embroidery brands; created the cover for a music single; created a series of wreaths for the Kyiv Pechersk Theater; is a member of foundations “Maysternya” and “Odna Foundation”; has repeatedly donated works for charity auctions and initiatives supporting (collecting donations for) Armed Forces of Ukraine, internal refugees.