Taras Haida

Ukrainian artist. Born in Lviv. Currently living and working in Kyiv. Engaged in oil painting and digital collages. In his work, Haida mainly deals with immersion in his own subconscious. The author depicts situations and ideas that emerge inside of him and, thanks to intuitive thinking, turns them into expressive artistic images. Haida’s art is foremost about how we register and comprehend our psyche indications.

Artist Statement
“Turning to such visual techniques as fragmentation of the whole, glitch, and deformation is essential here. These creative tactics are decisive for the essence of the artworks: they are permanently suspended and disorganized, thus resembling the atmosphere of mighty dreams or uncontrollable experiences. Reflecting on the experienced emotions in the paintings, I activate the process of distinguishing my own “Self” from the collective “Self”. All my experiences, impressions, and scenarios of life events culminate in geometric shapes saturated with gradients and smooth human and plant outlines.”

“Patch on the Lath”, oil on canvas, 50×50 cm, 2022
“Clip Thinking”, oil on canvas, 95×85 cm, 2022
“Self-Portrait”, gold leaf, oil on canvas, 100×75 cm, 2018
“Dream”, oil on canvas, 50×50 cm, 2021
“Saving the Matter”, gold leaf, oil on canvas,
50×50 cm, 2021
“River”, graphic art, gold leaf, 110×110 cm, 2020
“Metamorphosis”, oil on canvas, 50×50 cm, 2022
“Flower in a Vase”, oil on canvas, 50×50 cm, 2021
“Light Matter”, graphic art, gold leaf, 31×20 cm, 2019