Tetiana Albitska

Tetiana is one of the leading Ukrainian female sculptors of today. Starting from her studies at the Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts, the theme of “Women” and “Motherhood” became a leading one for her work. As the artist, herself says: – “Ever since ancient times, the image of a woman has occupied a significant place in the fine arts of artists around the world. And the theme of

motherhood, the union of mother and child is so multifaceted and inexhaustible that it will always excite artists. That is why my creativity turned to a woman, a mother who gives life”. The works of the master are distinguished by the innovative approach and the unusual nature of the plastic design, not neglecting experiments. Recently the artist has been working with the idea of

unconventional beauty as a way of reflecting on human values. He last collection of small plastic “Fat ladies” reveals a high degree of artistic generalization, a vivid individual vision, sophistication of plastic volume modeling, lyricism, subtle humor and extraordinary cheerfulness that eloquently reflects the cheerful and light character of the artist.