Iryna Kalyuzhna

Iryna Kalyuzhna – Ukrainian artist who received her Art degree from Kharkiv Repin Art School, and later graduated from Kharkiv Academy of Art and Design.

The style of her work has been inspired by the traditions of the Kharkiv school of easel painting. Iryna follows the path of experimentation and searches for new means of expression. Her arsenal includes

the a la prima technique, the use of glazes, the decoupage technique, and a high degree of plastic literacy in the drawing.

Iryna is an avid collector of vintage traditional Ukrainian costumes and in her Beauty Series creates paintings portraying beautiful Ukrainian women and children wearing vintage clothes from her collection of over 200 vintage pieces.

Iryna is an award-winning artist well-known in Ukraine and who has participated in many international art exhibits in China, Netherlands and United States.

Yellow sun, oil on canvas, 150×100 cm, 2022
Girl in the black skirt, oil on canvas, 100×120 cm, 2019
Iryna Kalyuzhna
I am Ukraine, oil on canvas, 60×60 cm, 2022
Autumn heat, oil on canvas, 150×110 cm, 2018
Ukrainian Beauty, Anna and Oksana, oil on canvas, 100×130 cm, 2019