The artist works with game and joke tools, metaphors, bright images that sometimes border on kitsch. The drawings are very expressive, the colors pulsate, the lines are lively and light. Alimalisa often uses contrast, graphicness, decorativeness, randomness, poetics and invites viewers to interact with the works and collects reactions for further creative reflection.”

Art Currency Exchange

This is a popular question – where does the artist get the money from? I decided to figure out how to exchange a work of art for real money.

The project received its first publicity under the name “ART-Conversion”, the first appeared on the Internet in the form of an offer to exchange drawn money for real ones, then there was cooperation with financial news on, a personal exhibition and participation in collective ones, cooperation with Megabank. Two exhibitions were planned for 2023 in art galleries and one in the Ukrainian Museum of Numismatics, with MininArtHub we started to make artcarpets… but all plans were destroyed because the war, russia attacked my Country – Ukraine, which is now courageously fighting for the Freedom and Life of its citizens.
This project reveals the topics of the relationship between the artist and money, raises the question of the value of the artistic work, price, and reveals the nuances of the subjective estimate of works by the buyer, author, collectors, and critics.

The principle of the project is to sell all drawn banknotes at the rate of 1:1 to real money.
Each banknote has its own unique appearance and numbered. All buyers are included in the list of owners, and answeres questions about the reason for the purchase and their occupation. For the most part, the owners of the bills are figures of culture, banking sphere, artcollectors and other strange people who decided to exchange real money for drawn ones.
Hryvnia is the national currency of Ukraine. The hryvnia banknotes are the major part of the collection, also during the military evacuation to Poland, several Polish zloty banknotes were created. Currently, being in a French art residency, I want to draw a euro. In the future in the plans is cryptocurrency.