Artem Rogowoi

My name is Artem Rogowoi and I’m an artist from Ukraine. I have two qualifications in the sphere of painting. The first one is an artist-painter. I studied of an academic base at Art College for four years. The second is the restoration which I studied at the academy. Painting created the beginning of my career, but in the process of teaching restoration I learned the painting technique of yolk tempera, frescoes, gilding, and painting techniques of different

centuries. I want to say that having learned the academic foundations of painting, various painting techniques, gilding and painting technology, I felt the freedom to create my paintings. If you are interested in my experience, I am ready to share it with you.

I create compositions with painting and gilding. Painting and drawing figures from life are also necessary in creating these compositions, as is the work on them, so I will gladly share the all process of working.