Anna Bondar

Contemporary Ukrainian painter Anna Bondar (aka Anna DAR) produces her works in a spiritual search for harmony. When the war broke out, Bondar was newly pregnant and living in Kyiv. When she attempted to visit her doctor for a check-in, she discovered that the clinic had been bombed. Initially determined to stay, Bondar decided that she had to leave for the good of her baby, and relocated to Marbella, Spain. There, she has created over 90 new works.

Initially trained in realist painting, Bondar came to the realization over time that realism

did not match her thoughts and ideals about contemporary art. Bondar began experimenting with different genres, techniques and materials, and developed a compositional style all her own. For Bondar, painting is “the language of feelings,” a way to speak what cannot be spoken.

Bondar finds inspiration in her unique lifestyle as a painter and professional equestrian. Horses are a constant theme in Bondar’s work, but their influence can be felt

equally in the fluidity of movement present in her paintings of people, such as Freedom (2022). Since graduating from the Salvador Dali Art Institute in Kyiv, Bondar has participated in exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout Ukraine, where she is a member of the Union of Young Artists. 

Bondar’s work has been exhibited throughout Ukraine, as well as at the 2021 Other Art Fair in Dallas, Texas and in the 2022 Art of Ukraine Gala in Denver, Colorado.

Water-lilly I, oil on canvas, 100×100 cm, 2022
Water-lilly II, oil on canvas, 100×100 cm, 2022
Wrinkles, oil on canvas
61×50 cm, 2022
Water-lilly III, oil on canvas, 100×100 cm, 2022
Freedom, oil on canvas, 73×92 cm, 2022
Native Land,
oil on canvas, 61×50 cm, 2022